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Aptitude Test

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Aptitude test is the assessment in which candidates are tested to gain insight based on the skills and competencies required for their job role.

Quick Facts
  • Large question bank
  • 30-minute completion time
  • Distribution graphics
  • Easy-to-use interface
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What Is Aptitude Test?

Aptitude Test is a test that is conducted by recruiters during the job application processes in order to gain insight into their candidates' skillsets and potentials and to gather information about their abilities in various categories. The result of these tests can help recruiters to identify the candidates who can be the most suitable for the specific positions.  

Especially for technical positions, it is more important to undergo an effective assessment process to predict the future on-the-job performance of the candidates who are going to be in charge.

What Are the Advantages of Aptitude Test?

Aptitude tests provide effective and objective data in increasing the quality of processes like recruitment and promotion. The potentials of different candidates can be compared fairly and impartially with aptitude tests. Also, aptitude test greatly facilitates the decision-making processes of recruiters with its fast and consistent reporting feature.

Assessing various aspects of aptitude allows the recruiter to understand a candidate's capability holistically.

What Are the Advantages of Aptitude Test?
Why Use Aptitude Test in Assessment Process?

Why Use Aptitude Test in Assessment Process?

Using aptitude tests can be a great way to eliminate candidates who are not suitable for a position, especially in mass recruitment processes. It is possible to compare candidates according to specific skills in an assessment process.

An aptitude test can be used in promotion processes in order to assess the skills of the employees more objectively and to ensure a competent promotion based on this assessment. Although it is not as frequent as recruitment, it stands out as a tool that some companies include in their internal operations.

Applying aptitude tests to candidates during your company's recruitment process improves the recruitment quality and ultimately improves your company's average quality.

Why Talentate

What Is Talentate Aptitude Test?

Talentate Aptitude Test, one of Talentate’s many online human resources solutions, allows human resources professionals to assess their candidates’ abilities during the assessment process systematically. Talentate Aptitude test measures the candidates’ numerical, verbal, abstract reasoning skills along with their diagrammatic reasoning abilities with its proficiently designed system. The test helps companies make effective, data-driven decisions. Talentate Aptitude Test is also a top-tier online assessment tool that every recruiter will benefit from with a question bank of thousands of questions.

The aptitude skills expected from the candidate to be recruited vary according to the position and role to be recruited. Talentate Aptitude Test allows recruiters to assess the aptitude skills of the candidate by adjusting test modules exclusively for the position to be recruited.

Why Talentate
Why Use
Numerical Reasoning

The questions in this category measure the candidates’ logical aptitude, mathematical knowledge, and abilities to solve logical problems. The test also assesses candidates’ ability to make meaningful inferences by using the data that is presented to them.

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Verbal Reasoning

It is important for companies that the candidates can use and comprehend written language and concepts effectively. With this category, recruiters can see whether the candidates have masteries of language and its subtleties and where they rank in terms of reading comprehension.

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Abstract Reasoning

The objective of the category is to measure whether candidates are able to recognize the difference between a number of shapes and patterns.

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Why Use
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Diagrammatic Reasoning

It aims to measure the ability of candidates to interpret tables and graphics correctly and to obtain correct results from the data.

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Visual Memory

It is a test where candidates' visual memory and their ability to remember details by recognizing them can be measured.

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Logical Reasoning

It is a test that assesses the cognitive skills and the basic logical reasoning levels of candidates.

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How to Use?
Complete Your Assessment in 3 Steps!
Assignment Step It is enough for recruiters to know the name, surname, and e-mail address of candidates they would like the assign the test to. The test link can also be sent to a phone number as a text message. After filling in this information, the candidates will receive a link with a code specially designated for them and log in on the appearing screen to view which tests were assigned to them and continue with the process.
Testing Step Once the candidates click the test, a camera check is conducted, then the candidates can start taking the test and contact the support team if any problems arise.
Assessment Step After completion of the test by the candidates, their results can be viewed and assessed by the company from the admin panel.
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