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Online Case Study is an assessment in which the candidate is asked to analyze a problematic issue with the given data and advise on possible solutions.

Quick Facts
  • Competency-based assessment
  • Assessing Presentation Skills
  • Detailed assessment guide for each
  • 60- to 75-minute completion time
  • Online administration

What Is Case Study?

Case study, a virtual assessment center tool, is used to narrow a large area of research into an easily searchable and quickly understandable area. In the case study exercise, which is widely used in human resources processes, an organizational problem that may be encountered in business life is given, and in the light of the available data, the opinions of the candidates on the subject, solution recommendations and/or analysis are requested. In this exercise, which can be applied in written or oral form, opinions and suggestions are requested from the candidate, again in the form of a report, mostly with an oral presentation.

A case study can be used in a situation where a candidate is asked to play a specific role in a case. The recruiter sees how the candidate reacts in any given case and completes different tasks.

What Are the Advantages of Online Case Study?

With the case study exercise, companies can learn about many skills and competencies of candidates and employees, such as their theoretical knowledge, their ability to put them into practice, their inadequacies, and weaknesses, problem-solving, presentation, time management, analytical thinking, and data analysis.

Conducting this process online helps recruiters both to easily adapt to the digitalizing world and to save time.

What Are the Advantages of Online Case Study?
Why Use Case Study in Assessment Processes?

Why Use Case Study in Assessment Processes?

Case study, unlike scientific studies, does not contain strict rules and this makes the studies more practical and fluent; irrelevant issues are left out, people are enabled to focus on the result. The case study allows candidates to discover ways to develop solutions to the problems they face, enabling the recruiters to gain an impression of the candidates' quality of work and learn more about the product of their work, their interactions, and their thinking processes.

By assessing your candidates with a highly capable and virtual assessment tool, you can measure how they will follow a strategy in a crisis.

Why Talentate

What Is Talentate Online Case Study?

Talentate Online Case Study is a virtual assessment center tool that is assigned to candidates via the system, allowing them to perform the exercise at the desired place and time, as well as the recruiter to assess the exercise at the desired time and place.

With Talentate Online Case Study, candidates are prepared to a sample case scenario, analyze the case, put into report form, and present it. The whole process proceeds through Talentate's web-based online system. In this way, processes become more practical and fluent. It is ensured that the recruiters focus directly on the candidates and their results.

With case study, it is aimed to make an accurate analysis of the competencies required by the positions applied by the candidates. It is possible to measure competencies related to analytical thinking, problem solving, planning, strategic thinking, agility, and presentation skills.

Case Studies in the system measure different competencies and behavior indicators. However, in all case studies, candidates are expected to reach conclusions by making analyses and presenting them. By this way, the presentation skills of the candidates are evaluated with the dimensions of language-expression, content, visual, and body language-voice.

Why Talentate
Why Use
Considering the Needs and Priorities of the Business World

Talentate Online Case Study is designed to measure the competencies prioritized by the business world. Each case study exercise measures different competencies such as analytical thinking, detail-orientation, agility, planning, decision-making, strategic perspective, and presentation skills.

The Ability to Add Own Case Study Exercises

It is possible for companies to apply their own case study exercises by adding them to the system.

Why Use
Why Use sol
Ability to Measure Presentation Skills in 4 Dimensions

The presentation skills of the candidates can be evaluated with the language-expression, content, visual, body language-voice dimensions which clearly defined in the assessment guide.

Competence Measurement

Each competency and its levels are defined in detail in the assessment guides. In this way, it is possible to carry out an objective assessment by minimizing the subjectivity.


How to Use?
Assignment Step Recruiter decides to which case study exercise/s will be applied for a position and create an assessment set. After the first step, candidates' information is entered into the system as name-surname, e-mail and/or telephone. Candidate entries can be loaded in bulk into the system with an Excel file quickly.
Presentation Step The candidate prepares for the assigned Online Case Study exercise within the specified time and puts his/her study into a report form. After saving the report in the system, s/he takes the video of his/her presentation by sharing this study on the screen and uploads it to the system.
Assessing the Case Study Exercise The recruiter monitors the video and controls the study and measures the candidate competencies through the assessment guide. Then, the recruiter fills in the conclusion form in the system and grades the assessment as positive or negative for the candidate.

Why is Case Study used, what are the advantages?

Case study provides the opportunity to select the most suitable candidate for an open position, considering the competencies of that position. Recruiters can gain an impression of the candidates' quality of work and learn more about the product of their work, their interactions, and their thinking processes.

Which levels and/or positions can the Talentate Online Case Study be applied to?

Talentate Online Case Study can be applied to all positions with an undergraduate and graduate education status where competencies such as analytical thinking, strategic planning, detail orientation, and presentation skills are desired to be measured.

Are photos taken of candidates who solve the Talentate Online Case Study?

The candidate who starts the Talentate Online Case Study exercise is photographed at regular intervals during the preparation period. If a second person appears on the screen or the candidate switch off the camera, the system takes the photo of the candidate again and allows the recruiter to see it.

How the competencies are evaluated, is there a booklet that assessors can use during the assessment stage?

Each competency is evaluated as “exceeds expectations, meets expectations, does not meet expectations”. It is defined in detail in the assessment guides which behaviors should be evaluated as exceed, meet, or do not meet expectation. These definitions are included in assessment guide for the Online Case Study completed by the candidate on the assessment screen.

Can companies use their own Case Study exercises by adding them to the system?

All case study exercises prepared with the Talentate Online Case Study methodology can be added to the system.
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