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Online Presentation is an evaluation in which the presentation skills of the candidates are observed by making a presentation on an online platform.

Quick Facts
  • Assessing presentation skills & know-how
  • Presentation library
  • Online administration
  • 30- to 45-minute completion time
  • Presentation in the desired language

What Is Online Presentation?

The presentation tool is widely used in many assessment processes from recruitment to talent management processes. With the presentation tool, candidates are expected to prepare and make a presentation. Also depending on the subject, their presentation and convincing skills, as well as their know-hows’, can be evaluated.

Today, the presentation phase can be carried out online through digital platforms in all assessment processes. Thus, candidates can enter the assessment process in a more stress-free way, while assessors conduct the process more objectively and quickly. Talentate Online Presentation tool facilitates recruiters an immersive hiring experience, allows them to assess candidates on a wide range of communication skills.

What Are the Advantages of Online Presentation in Assessment Processes?

Presentation is a critical tool in assessment processes so that candidates can demonstrate their knowledge, skills and express themselves well. With the presentation tool, the technical knowledge and presentation skills of the shortlisted candidates are generally evaluated. Thanks to this tool, candidates can show themselves better and assessors can have more detailed information about the candidates.

Conducting, assessing, and concluding the presentation process through an online platform is a much needed technology in today's conditions. Presentation processes that can be carried out with one-way technology save time and cost for both candidates and recruiters.

What Are the Advantages of Online Presentation in Assessment Processes?
Why Talentate

What Is Talentate Online Presentation?

The Talentate Presentation tool is a Virtual Assessment Center tool where candidates are given a topic through an online platform and prepare for their presentation topics and present them within the given time. With this tool, this whole process can be carried out with one-way technology, and in this way, candidates can make assessments whenever and wherever they want, and assessors can assess them whenever and wherever they want.

The Talentate Online Presentation tool has a large presentation library under 3 main headings: general, English, and position-specific. Assessors can assign a presentation topic to their candidates by referring to the topics in this library or by determining their own topics.

Talentate Online Presentation module serves as a way to thoroughly assess the candidate's self-expression. You can combine the Online Presentation module with any of the other Talentate modules available to supercharge your recruitment.

Why Talentate
Why Use
Possibility to Measure Know-How

By directing the technical presentation topics to candidates specific to their positions, their know-how can be measured easily in a short time.

Measuring Presentation Skills Competency

The presentation skills of the candidates can be evaluated with the help of the assessment guide. The guide assess the presentation skills competency in 4 dimensions: language-expression, content, visual, and body language-voice.

Assessing Suitability for the Position

Presentation tool allows assessors to better observe the candidates, while it provides a better opportunity for the candidate to express themselves.

Why Use

Powerful Features

How to Use?
Complete Your Assessment in 3 Steps!
Assignment Step Recruiter decides to which presentation topic will be applied to candidates and create an assessment set. Then, candidates' information is entered into the system as name-surname, e-mail and/or telephone. Candidate entries can be loaded in bulk into the system with an Excel file quickly.
Presentation Step The candidate prepares for the presentation topic within the given time and then presents her/his presentation on the platform.
Assessment Step The recruiter monitors the presentation of the candidate and assess her/him. Then, the recruiter fills in the conclusion form in the system and grades the assessment as positive or negative for the candidate.

Why is Presentation tool used, what are the advantages?

The presentation tool is a tool where candidates are given a presentation topic and are expected to prepare and present a presentation by working on this topic within the given time. With the presentation tool, it may be desirable to measure the technical knowledge and presentation skills of the candidates. The Talentate Presentation tool is a Virtual Assessment Center tool that brings this process to an online platform and enables the process to become practical, fast, and easy to report.

What types of questions are there in the presentation library?

In the library of questions, there are presentation topics under the main heading, general, English, and position-specific. While the general presentation topics include questions on different topics such as the sector and career, the presentation topics about position-specific include technical topics belonging to many positions such as human resources specialist, financial controller.

Are photos taken of candidates when they are preparing their presentations?

Photos of candidates are taken at regular intervals during in the preparation period. If a second person appears on the screen or the candidate switch off the camera, the system takes the photo of the candidate again and allows the recruiter to see it.

Can the preparation and recording times of the presentation tool be customized?

Yes, while the presentation topic is determined, the preparation and presentation times of the candidates are also determined.

Can candidates re-record the presentation if they are not satisfied with their answers?

Candidates only can make trial recordings before the actual presentation to make sure that the camera and microphone are working properly. However, candidates can record the presentation only once.
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