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Online Video Interview is an evaluation tool used in the HR process, in which candidates answer the questions directed to them via video recording.

Quick Facts
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Personality test integration
  • Question library
  • Flexible and speed
  • 24/7 live support

What Is Online Video Interview?

The online video interview is used in many stages of the recruitment process. The recruiter directs the interview questions to the candidates and asks them to record their answers on a video. By this way, candidates can be scanned quickly and recruiters can determine which of them will move to the next stage. Unlike other modules, its primary feature is providing visual data.

In particular, with the One-Way Video Interview tool, candidates can answer the questions directed to them wherever and whenever they want, and recruiters can assess the candidates by watching these records whenever and wherever they want.

What Are the Advantages of Online Video Interview?

Online Video Interview provides many features to recruiters. It reasonably speeds up the recruitment process and reduces effort. It offers a convenient digital recruiting experience for both candidates and recruiters. Recruiters can find suitable candidates for their open positions much faster than traditional screening methods.

Recruiters use the Online Video Interview module to find out more about candidates and complete their assessment processes as early as possible. There are many benefits of digitizing your recruiting process;

  • Saving on Time: Weed out the need to schedule face-to-face meetings.
  • Collaboration in Hiring Decisions: Enable mutual exchange of ideas by allowing multiple recruiters to retrace records.
  • Providing Consistency: Because all candidates are asked the same questions, the recruiter can compare answers fairly and consistently.

Online video interview is highly effective in gathering quantitative and qualitative data to help recruiters to gain insight into the candidate during the recruitment process.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of a candidates’ traits and skills, an online video interview must be accompanied by data from other standard types of assessment, such as an Aptitude Test or Personality Test.

What Are the Advantages of Online Video Interview?
 Why Use Online Video Interview in Assessment Processes?

Why Use Online Video Interview in Assessment Processes?

Online assessment tools with strong predictive levels simplify the assessment process and increase the accuracy of the results. Online Video Interview is an increasingly common tool for talent acquisition as it saves time and money compared to traditional face-to-face interviews. With the help of the online video interview tool, it is possible to remove geographic restrictions and automate candidate screening. Recruiters can assess candidates in more detail in less time and less effort.

Why Talentate

What Is Talentate Online Video Interview?

Talentate Online Video Interview, which is one-way, is a widely used assessment tool in online HR processes, most important feature that distinguishes it from others is that the recruiters can ask questions according to the Personality Test results of the candidates.

It can be forwarded Personality Test report-based, general interview, English, position-based, and competency-based questions to candidates from hundreds of questions in the system. The question pool of Talentate Online Video Interview is periodically updated and new questions are made available to users.

Companies can include this tool in their all HR processes. Recruiters can also add questions that they want to ask the candidates and send these questions to them through the system. The recruiter schedules the interviews that should be held at a certain time and place. In this way, candidates also have a stress-free interview experience.

Why Talentate
Why Use
Talentate Personality Test and Online Video Interview Integration

Talentate Online Video Interview provides data to recruiters about candidates' personal perceptions and values by automatically pulling questions from Talentate Personality Test. With the help of this technology, recruiters can get a truly holistic view of each candidate.

Candidate Assessment in Bulk

With the help of matrix views of Talentate Online Video Interview, recruiters can view and assess the answers to the questions easily and quickly.

Why Use
Why Use sol
Body Language Observation

Talentate Online Video Interview gives a lot of important information about candidates that cannot be easily achieved by any other method. Recruiters have an opportunity to actually see the candidates that they are willing to hire. Recruiters can also observe the candidates' body language by watching the gestures, fluency of speech, and tone of voice. Thus, recruiters get deeper information about the candidates.

Time and Cost Savings

Recruiters can prioritize critical questions and reduce their interviews to 5 minutes, while companies can save up to 80% in recruitment costs with Online Video Interview tool.


How to Use?
Complete Your Assessment in 3 Steps!
Assignment Step Recruiter sends an invitation to the candidates for the assessment set, which s/he creates by selecting questions from the question pool or adding her/his own questions, via the Talentate system. 
Recording Step After the assignment, login information is sent via SMS or e-mail to the candidates. The sent content includes the login link and the login code generated exclusively for each candidate. Candidates record their interviews whenever and wherever they want.
Assessment Step The recruiter views the recorded video interview by the candidates at any time. S/he can add notes and rate them. Results of the candidates are added to the candidates’ profiles. In order to facilitate high volume recruitments, results are displayed with visual data and graphics.

Which platform is the video interview conducted on?

Candidates do not need to download any software for video interview recordings, such as Skype, Zoom, or Teams. Talentate offers an Online Video Interview tool on its platform.

How long does it take for a candidate to complete an online video interview?

Online Video Interview takes approximately 15 minutes. However, it depends on how many questions you ask candidates and how long you give them to answer each question.

Can candidates re-record the interview if they are not satisfied with their answers?

No, they only can make trial recordings before the actual video interview to make sure that the camera and microphone are working properly. This allows candidates to have an idea of what the real interview will look like. However, candidates can record the video interview only once. This provides more efficient filtration of featured candidates.

Do candidates see the questions in advance?

No, if the candidates see the questions beforehand, almost all of them prepare and give the most appropriate answer. In this case, it is difficult to distinguish suitable candidates from those who are not. In Talentate Online Video Interview, candidates see the question only when it will be answered. Within the given time, candidates simultaneously think about how to answer and make a video interview recording. Thus, the recruiter gets more precise and sharper results.

What happens if the candidate's internet connection is lost during the interview?

Candidates can contact the company about the disconnection they experience after they have finished the interview. Recruiters can reset candidate’s interviews if they think it is necessary.Talentate provides infrastructure and support for the interview platform, not involved in the actual recruitment process.
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