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Online Role Play is an assessment with an imaginary scenario that gives an idea of how the candidate might act in real life in the job applied for.

Quick Facts
  • Competency-based assessment
  • Detailed assessment guide for each
  • 45- to 50-minute completion time
  • Assessing stress management with R2R
  • Online administration

What Is Online Role Play?

Role play is a virtual assessment center tool in which candidates portray an imaginary scenario that closely reflects a situation that may occur in the job they are applying for. In role plays, candidates are assigned a sample task, they are asked to prepare for the scenario within the specified time and then perform what is expected of them. In digitalizing HR processes, using the role play tool online saves time and costs, and allows the process to be carried out in a more objective and reportable way.

Considering the costs of wrong hiring, it should be ensured that the person to be recruited is the most suitable candidate for the position by assessing their competencies with Online Virtual Assessment tools. Online platforms allow you to manage this process on a completely digital system with minimum cost.

What Are the Advantages of Online Role Play?

The behavioral approaches of the candidates in the possible events that they might encounter in the course of their business life can be evaluated in role play exercises. Thus, role play is fictionalized in order to enable people to reveal their true selves in a sample scenario. Conducting this process through online channels enables the recruiters to save time, handle the process with objective criteria, see more candidates, and choose the most suitable one.

What Are the Advantages of Online Role Play?
Why Use Online Role Play in Assessment Processes?

Why Use Online Role Play in Assessment Processes?

Role play is widely used in human resources processes to understand how candidates will react to sample events in real business life. The decisions that candidates will make in the events they will meet in the course of their business life are a result of their business manner and some competency levels. Role play in human resources processes provides an understanding of how the candidate manage possible crises, their experience on some specific issues, their problem-solving abilities, and their functional and managerial competencies.

Applying the role play tool on an online platform makes the process systematic and easily reportable while providing a much better candidate experience.

What Is R2R?

In Reaction to Reaction exercises, the interlocutor of the candidates responds through the system (R) and is asked to give a response in return from the candidates (R2R). R2R aims to obtain information about the stress management competencies of the candidates by assessing dimensions such as emotional resilience, decisiveness, and tolerance to criticism.

Talentate Online Role Play module brings a whole new breath to candidate assessment methods. As a recruiter, you get much sharper results while evaluating the candidate, and you will also enjoy using this module.

What Is R2R?
Why Talentate

What is Talentate Online Role Play?

Talentate Online Role Play is a virtual assessment center tool designed in accordance with the spirit and methodology of role play which allows candidates to do the exercise whenever and wherever they want, and also allows the recruiters to assess the exercise whenever and wherever they want.

With Online Role Play, it is aimed to make an accurate analysis of the competencies required by the positions applied by the candidates. It is possible to measure competencies related to effective feedback, communication management, integrity, stress management, conflict management, appreciation, decision-making, and many other areas. The context and scenario of role play exercise may vary depending on the sector or the competence to be measured, but the main structure is always the same. In order to bring the main structure closer to the classical role play, the system reacts to the candidate as the interlocutor of the candidate and expects a reaction from the candidate in return at R2R stage in Talentate Online Role Play processes.

Why Talentate
Why Use
Brand Value

The use of virtual assessment tools brought to the HR sector by the digital age increases the brand value of companies.

Competence Measurement

Each competency and its levels are defined in detail in the assessment guides. This makes it possible to carry out an objective assessment by minimizing subjectivity.

The Ability to Add Own Role Play Exercises

It is possible for companies to apply their own role play exercises by adding them to the system.

Why Use


How to Use?
Assignment Step Recruiter decides to which role play exercise/s will be applied to for a position and create an assessment set. After the first step, candidates' information is entered into the system as name-surname, e-mail and/or telephone. Candidate entries can be loaded in bulk into the system with an Excel file quickly.
Role Playing Step The candidate prepares for the role play scenario within the given time and then takes videos in which s/he performs what is expected from her/him.
Assessing the Role Play Exercise Step The recruiter monitors the videos that the candidate performs what is expected of her/him and measures her/him competencies through the assessment guide. Then, the recruiter fills in the conclusion form in the system and grades the assessment as positive or negative for the candidate.

Why is Role Play used, what are the advantages?

Role Play is made to understand how people will react to an event that is likely to encounter in real business life. Role Play tool facilitates understanding how the candidate manages possible crises, her/his experiences on some special issues, problem-solving abilities, functional and managerial competencies in human resources processes.

Which levels and/or positions can the Talentate Online Role Play be applied to?

Talentate Online Role Play can be applied to any candidate with a high school or higher degree, regardless of position.

Are photos taken of candidates who solve the Talentate Online Role Play?

The candidate who starts the Talentate Online Role Play exercise is photographed at regular intervals during the preparation period. If a second person appears on the screen, the system takes the photo of the candidate again and allows the recruiter to see it.

How the competencies are evaluated, is there a booklet that assessors can use during the assessment stage?

Each competency is evaluated as “exceeds expectations, meets expectations, does not meet expectations”. It is defined in detail in the assessment guides which behaviors should be evaluated as exceed, meet, or do not meet expectation. These definitions are included in the assessment guide for the Online Role Play completed by the candidate on the assessment screen.

Can companies use their own Role Play exercises by adding them to the system?

All role play exercises prepared with the Talentate Online Role Play methodology can be added to the system.
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