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Exam Builder is a tool for recruiters to create an exclusive exam from scratch on their own initiative based on the required specific needs and criterias.

Quick Facts
  • Question bank integration
  • Determining questions from different difficulty levels
  • Determining question order
  • Time limits
  • Security and surveillance settings

What Is Exam Builder Module?

Exam builder is a module that allows companies to use exclusive tests they use in their recruitment process or to use an existing test in the system by changing it in terms of time or difficulty.

What Are the Advantages of Exam Builder Module in Assessment Processes?

It is possible to prepare professional online tests with many advanced test design features such as dividing into sections, time limits, random question selection, creating tests with booklets, preparing adaptive tests with exam builder module. In this way, companies can define all the tests that they use to the systems and run these processes in the digital environment and minimize their costs.

Applying for paper-based exams consumes a lot of time and effort. Talentate Exam Builder offers online tools for both candidates and recruiters.

What Are the Advantages of Exam Builder Module in Assessment Processes?
Why Talentate

What is Talentate Exam Builder Module?

Exam Builder is an online Talentate module designed for companies to add tests they use in their recruitment process to the system or to design the tests existing in the system in line with their own processes. It is possible to categorize these questions by adding all kinds of text-based questions such as multiple choice and fill in the blanks, and to indicate the difficulty level of these questions.

Talentate Exam Builder, designed to be modified in accordance with the plans of any company.  What Talentate Exam Builder offers is software that meets many assessment scenarios & needs. You can take control of the assessment processes with Talentate Exam Builder.

Why Talentate
Why Use
Question Bank

After determining the category, topic, difficulty of the question, and rules, the test is created according to the specified number of questions. Each candidate answers different questions in line with the criteria determined from the comprehensive question pool.


After determining the rule for creating a test with category and topic selection, a test is created according to the determined number of questions. The difficulty of the test is determined by the candidate's correct and incorrect answers during the test.


Any number of booklets can be created from different questions added in the system.

Why Use
Why Talentate

English tests can be defined by choosing the difficulty level and questions from grammar, vocabulary, reading, and listening. During the test, each candidate answers different questions of the specified difficulty level from the question pool.


Aptitude test can be defined by choosing difficulty level and question from numerical, verbal, abstract and diagrammatic reasoning. During the test, each candidate answers different questions of the specified difficulty level from the question pool.


The open-ended exam is in the format of a written exam. The questions asked are evaluated by the evaluators and a score is formed.


How to Use?
Assignment Step Candidates' information is entered into the system as name-surname, e-mail, and/or telephone. Candidate entries can be loaded in bulk into the system with an Excel file quickly. At this stage, candidates can be assigned to a position in the system if desired.
Testing Step Candidates read and approve the contracts of companies regarding personal data just before starting the process. Then they see the intro screens about the test and complete it within the given time. Candidates can ask their questions through live support during the test.
Assessment Step The results of the test are reported on the admin panel and the recruiter can monitor them instantly.

Why is Exam Builder used, what are the advantages?

With the Talentate Exam Builder module, companies can add an exclusive test they use in their recruitment process to the system or customize the existing tests in the system according to their own processes. While doing this customization, they can also design the test with adaptive technology.Unlimited new tests can be designed under question bank, adaptive, booklet, aptitude, and English dimensions.

Are photos taken of candidates who solve the tests?

In all tests that require the camera, you can ensure that the photographs of the candidates are taken at regular intervals during the test.

What happens if the candidate's internet connection is lost during the interview?

Candidates who have any disconnection during the test can continue the test from where they left off after reconnecting.

Can candidates view their results?

No, results can only be accessed via the admin panel. If desired, the links of the candidates' results can be created on the system and forwarded to them.

In which formats can tests be created?

Tests can be created by adding questions in optional, open-ended, and open-ended (short answer) formats.
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