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Why is Gamified Aptitude Test used, what are the advantages?
The Gamified Aptitude Test provides a more practical and enjoyable recruitment process by collecting more data in a short time. It prevents a long and tiring recruitment process that creates a loss of motivation. The test also helps both generation Y and Z to be involved in the processes with high motivation and to minimize their stress.
What are the different levels of language proficiency?
In the Talentate Language Tests, candidates are graded according to CEFR criteria. The CEFR framework consists of six levels of competence: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. This goes from A1, beginner to C2 proficiency level. A1 indicates that the candidate's language proficiency is at a basic level. The C2 level indicates that a candidate can understand and be involved in complex social and business interactions.
What kind of precautions do you have in case the candidate tries to cheat?
The recruiter can optionally set the test as mandatory for candidates to keep the camera on during the test. The camera captures the image of the candidate at random time intervals during the test, through the algorithm created by the Talentate. The algorithm detects if the candidate acts suspiciously during the test. Accordingly, it is considered suspicious if a second person appears on the screen during the test, or if the candidate turns off the camera. While the recruiter screens the test results of the candidates, the candidates who are found suspicious by the algorithm will display the results marked in red.
Which occupational groups and levels are Talentate Language Tests especially targets?
Talentate Language Tests can be applied to all positions that require competence in a language and where candidates' command of the language is to be measured with dimensions of vocabulary, reading comprehension, grammar and listening.
How and by whom is the academic infrastructure created?
Talentate Language Test questions are prepared in cooperation with the highly skilled language professionals of the linguistics departments of reputable universities and language academies. These academicians have at least an M.A and many have a Ph.D. Tests are created in accordance with international standards. The question pool is constantly increasing and updated. These prepared test questions are constantly reviewed by experts so that misleading and potentially erroneous questions are avoided.
What are the benefits of testing potential or current employees?
Talentate Language Tests provide an objective way to ensure that language abilities are clearly measured.
Which levels and/or positions can the Personality Item Test be applied to?
Personality Item Test can be applied to candidates of all levels.
Are photographs taken of candidates who solved the Personality Item Test?
No, personality tests are not assessment tools based on judgment or information measurement. For this reason, photo shoot is not used as a security control. In addition, the candidate should feel "comfortable" while answering the personality test.
How does the Position Fit Score work? Can companies add their own positions?
The Position Fit Score Module works by using personality factors as a source. It is the numeral expression of a candidate's suitability for the designated position. Each company can obtain a Position Fit Score by defining its own positions in the system.
What kind of comment should be made for a candidate with a good Self-Perception Profile?
Self-Perception Profile is a module that measures the awareness of candidates. For this reason, a candidate with a good Personal Perception Profile can be interpreted with high awareness. Therefore s/he knows the improvement points and any necessary action can be taken action for them quickly.
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