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The Online Project is an assessment in which candidates are asked to do a project that require the practical application of technical skills and knowledge.

Quick Facts
  • Assessing technical knowledge and skills
  • Long preparation time up to 99 days
  • Comprehensive user interface
  • 24/7 live support
  • Online administration

What Is Online Project?

The project tool is a known assessment tool that can be applied to candidates or current employees, mostly used in fields requiring technical knowledge. In the project tool, candidates are asked to do a project within the given time. Thus, the technical knowledge and skills of the candidates are measured in a practical way.

As the process proceeds completely digitally, there is no stress factor for the candidates. Thus, conditions are more convenient for candidates to reveal their potentials.

What Are the Advantages of Online Project in Assessment Processes?

Project is an essential tool in the assessment processes for candidates to demonstrate their technical knowledge and skills. With the project tool, the knowledge and skills of the candidates in specific subjects such as; engineering, architecture, and design can be measured.

Especially in the assessments where the whole process is done online from start to finish, recruiters assess more than one candidate at the same time, which also provides an advantage in time and cost.

What Are the Advantages of Online Project in Assessment Processes?
Why Talentate

What is Talentate Online Project?

Talentate Online Project tool is a Virtual Advanced Assessment Center tool, where a project topic is given to candidates via the online platform and the candidates prepare and upload their projects to the system within the time given for the assessment. For recruiters to assess projects, candidates upload their projects to the system and complete the process.

Assessing candidate's technical knowledge and skills becomes a breeze, with Talentate.  You can add pictures, sounds, or videos to describe the project whichever way you see fit. You can navigate to the VAAC tab within the platform so you can add the project module into your hiring flow.

Why Talentate
Why Use
Technical Knowledge and Skills Measurement

Talentate Online Project module is mainly used in positions such as design, engineering, and architecture.     

The Ability to Add Own Project Subjects

It is possible for companies to apply their own project subjects by adding them to the system.

Assessing Suitability for the Position

Project tool allows to observe the candidates better in terms of their abilities and capabilities.

Why Use

Powerful Features

How to Use?
Complete Your Assessment in 3 Steps!
Assignment Step Recruiter determines the subject of the project by making the necessary explanations and definitions. Then, candidates' information is entered into the system as name-surname, e-mail and/or telephone. Candidate entries can be loaded in bulk into the system with an Excel file quickly.
Preparation Step The candidate prepares the requested project in the desired format within the given time and uploads it to the system.
Assessment Step After the candidate uploads the project to the system, the recruiter can review the project, score it, add comments and notes.

Why is Project tool used, what are the advantages?

The project tool is a tool where candidates are given a subject of study and are expected to prepare a project by working on this subject within the given time. With the project tool, it may be desirable to measure the technical knowledge and skills of the candidates for the related fields that require technical expertise. The Talentate Online Project tool is a Virtual Assessment Center tool that brings this process to an online platform and enables the process to become practical, fast, and easy to report.

For which positions can the Talentate Online Project tool be used?

Candidates in positions such as engineering, design, and architecture can be evaluated with the Talentate Online Project tool.

What file types does the system support?

The system supports many file types such as png, jpeg, jpg, pdf file types, as well as Microsoft Office programs such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint. Even if there is a file type that is not defined in the system, the recruiter can define the extension of this file type in the system and can choose the file type s/he wants to be uploaded by the candidates.

Are photos taken of candidates when they are preparing their project?

Photographs are not taken during the preparation time, because the process takes a long time to make a project such as 3 days, 1 week.

Can the candidate delete the uploaded project file or make changes to it?

Yes. As long as the deadline set for the project has not passed, a candidate can delete the uploaded file, can make changes, and upload it again. However, it will not be possible to do this if the given time has expired.
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