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Technical Knowledge Tests

Measure Technical Competencies of Your Candidates
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Technical Knowledge Tests are an assessment tool that aims to measure candidates' basic level skills and familiarity with computer technologies.

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What Are the Technical Knowledge Tests?

Technical knowledge tests aim to assess the candidates' skills related to computer science. Technical knowledge tests are applied to candidates in multiple-choice questions format. There are many different types of technical knowledge tests that can assess candidates' abilities such as digital literacy, typing, and usage of excel.

What Are the Advantages of the Technical Knowledge Tests?

You can hire a software developer or database developer by testing the candidate beforehand, not in the probation period. Assessing candidates' technical skills with classical interviews can cause recruiters to undergo a long and tiring process. This is why a technical knowledge test gives recruiters more insight into the technical abilities of the candidates.

By this way, you can measure the technical competence of the candidates you will recruit from the very beginning and assess whether it is below your expectations, and you can take action accordingly. In this context, testing the technical knowledge of a candidate saves you from a lot of financial burdens.

What Are the Advantages of the Technical Knowledge Tests?
Why Use Technical Knowledge Tests in Assessment Processes?

Why Use Technical Knowledge Tests in Assessment Processes?

A growing number of companies are using technical knowledge tests as a way of assessing their potential employees. Especially in a sector such as software and programming, it is vital that candidates go through the technical knowledge pre-assessment test process. Technical knowledge tests are accurate tools to test a candidate's potential contribution and how well a candidate is suitable for the company in terms of her/his technical knowledge.

Why Talentate

What Are Talentate Technical Knowledge Tests?

Talentate Technical Knowledge Tests help recruiters to measure the technological knowledge and skills of candidates. It consists of test modules in different variations such as Excel, Typing, and Basic IT.

With Talentate Technical Knowledge Tests, you can measure how well the candidate follows the innovations, trends, and technological developments in the world.  Hereby, you can measure how much candidates have trained themselves about new innovations, how much candidates have developed and adapted to these trends.

Why Talentate
Why Use sol
Basic IT Test

Talentate Basic IT Test can be used for all positions that require a basic knowledge of computer technologies. Basic IT Tests consists of 30 multiple choice questions. Candidates have 10 minutes.

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Excel Test

Excel is a software program that uses spreadsheets to organize numbers and data with formulas and functions.  Excel is used for all tabulation and reporting tasks, from stock tracking to product comparison, from the analysis of complex scientific data to the interpretation of financial statements.

Talentate Excel Test consists of 15 multiple choice questions of different difficulty levels and has a duration of 10 minutes.

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Typing Test

It is a test that can be applied for positions such as call centers, customer representatives, and executive assistants, where the ability to write quickly and accurately on the keyboard is desired. The system determines the candidate’s score according to the total number of words and spelling mistakes the candidate can write within the given time.

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How to Use?
Complete Your Assessment in 3 Steps!
Assigning Step Candidates' information is entered into the system as name-surname, e-mail and/or telephone. Candidate entries can be loaded in bulk into the system with an Excel file quickly. At this stage, candidates can be assigned to a position in the system if desired.
Testing Step After the recruiter's assignment, the candidate will be sent login information via SMS or e-mail. The submitted content contains the login link and the login code generated exclusively for each candidate. And candidates complete the tests within the specified time interval.
Assessment Step After the candidates complete the tests, the results are transferred to the system. According to candidate scores, the recruiter can make elimination or candidate filtering. By using the “Add Rule” feature the recruiter can automatically eliminate candidates who fall below a certain score.

Why are Technical Knowledge Tests used, what are the advantages?

Talentate Technical Knowledge Tests provide convenience to recruiters through a set of tools to determine candidates' technological competencies and levels in recruitment. With these tests, candidates’ technical knowledge and skills can be measured before interviews.

Which levels and/or positions can the Technical Knowledge Tests be applied to?

It can be applied at all positions and levels that require technical knowledge, regardless of the level.

Can candidates view their results?

No, results can only be accessed via the admin panel. If desired, the links of the candidates' results can be created on the system and forwarded to them.

What happens if the candidate's internet connection is lost during the interview?

Candidates can contact the company about the disconnection they experience after they have finished the interview. Recruiters can reset candidate’s interviews if they think it is necessary.Talentate provides infrastructure and support for the interview platform, not involved in the actual recruitment process.
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