The Birth of MBTI Theory MBTI is a personality typology that answers the questions of where the person gets her/his energy, how s/he perceives the world, how s/he makes decisions, and how s/he organizes her/his life.
An Introduction to the Enneagram The Enneagram temperament model defines 9 different personality types and explains that one of these 9 personality types is more dominant in each person. Each of these personality types has its own strengths and weaknesses.
Personality Dimensions of MBTI Theory The E-I dimension describes a person's basic orientation to life, the S-N dimension describes the preference in perceiving things, the T-F dimension describes decision-making style, and the J-P dimension describes way of coping with the outside world.
Three Centers of Personality The three potentials of personality, which are instinctive, feeling, thinking, are explained in the Enneagram as three centers. The center of the person's type is the center s/he uses most, and this center creates her/his dominant (decision-making) potential.
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