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Abstract Reasoning

Talentate Abstract Reasoning Test is a test applied by HR departments to measure the abstract reasoning skills of candidates during recruitment and talent management processes. With the test, the abstract comprehension skills of the candidates such as correlating abstract figures, perceiving the relationships between figures and data, and visualizing them, comprehension, three-dimensional thinking, and inductive reasoning are measured. In the content of the test, there are questions about paying attention to visual materials, perceiving two and three dimensional shapes, thinking about changes in shapes with imagination, and perceiving the position of shapes in space.

The test can be used for candidates at assistant specialist, specialist, and first level manager levels working in fields that require visualization, editing, and design such as Engineering, Architecture, Graphic Design.

In the test, which has a duration of 12 minutes and consists of 20 questions, the questions are randomly directed to the candidates from the pool according to the defined test rule (according to different defined difficulty levels). The test is administered online.

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