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Diagrammatic Reasoning

Talentate Diagrammatic Reasoning Test is a test applied by HR departments to measure the ability of candidates to read/interpret tables and graphs during recruitment and talent management processes. With the test, the skills of the candidates to interpret the information in the given table or graphic, to reach the right results in the light of this information, and to make the right decisions are measured. In the content of the test, there are questions about analyzing the data, interpreting the data on different types of graphs, and reaching the conclusion.

It is a test that can be used where it is important to be able to interpret tables or graphics. For example; the test can be used in Budget Reporting, Financial Control/Analysis, Internal Audit departments at the level of specialist and first-level manager, in call center positions for some specific sectors, and in middle and top-level manager/manager positions of all departments.

In the test, which has a duration of 20 minutes and consists of 20 questions, the questions are randomly directed to the candidates from within the pool according to the defined test rule (according to different defined difficulty levels). The test is administered online.

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