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Psychometric Tests

  • Personality Test
  • Aptitude Test
  • Gamification

Online Assessment Tools

  • Exam Builder
  • Language Tests
  • Survey Module
  • Online Video Interview
  • Technical Knowledge Tests
  • Coding Tests

Virtual Assessment Tools

  • Online Role Play
  • Online Case Study
  • Online Presentation
  • Online Project
Personality Test
Get to Know Your Candidates Better Personality Item Test is a Talentate Online Assessment Center tool that can be used in all HR processes such as talent acquisition, career management and organizational development. Personality Item Test helps you to place the most suitable candidates in your open positions as soon as possible by having an idea about the personality factors of your candidates. With Personality Item Test, which is an HRTech product in terms of its technological infrastructure, you can save time and cost, evaluate your processes multi-dimensionally, contribute to the improvement of your employees and facilitate your HR analytics processes.
Aptitude Test
Create, Manage and Cultivate Talentate Aptitude Test is one of the best digital human resources solutions out there to assess your candidates' abilities and select the most suitable one for your company. You can assess the abilities of your candidates with Talentate Aptitude Test that consists of an array of questions in categories such as numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning, and diagrammatic reasoning. Talentate Aptitude Test is a powerful predictive tool to understand the pace of learning, problem-solving skills of candidates and to get in-depth results to find the most fitting one for your positions.
Evaluate Your Candidate while Entertaining Recruiting is a field of business that can achieve many benefits from gamification. The fact that millennials grew up with video games cannot be disregarded. Nowadays, companies are recognizing the importance of this absorbent strategy in attracting broad range of candidates, especially the new generation.
Exam Builder
Create Your Exclusive Exam Easily You can prepare tests based on question bank or booklet, create your tests using adaptive technology, and customize the existing tests in the system easily and quickly with the Talentate Exam Builder module. Creating an online test has never been simpler than it is now. With Talentate Exam Builder, create your own unique tests easily and practically that fit any difficulty level.
Language Tests
Talentate Language Tests in 7 Languages Talentate Language Tests aim to determine the candidates’ proficiencies of a specific language. It replaces the paper-based tests and provides the facility to assess in a fully digital platform. In today's business world where communication skills are critical, it is significant to diagnose the language competencies of the candidates you will assess. With Talentate Language Tests, you can test your candidates' language proficiencies in a short time with minimum effort and cost.
Survey Module
Take a Deeper Dive into Candidates' Opinions You can gain insight into the opinions of your employees, candidates, customers, or even business partners about your company, your products, or your services by creating surveys that are exclusive to your company. With the Talentate Survey Module, you can collect data in all areas from recruitment processes to internal processes, obtain general statistics and determine strategies by predicting the risky situations that may occur. You can prepare questions with 10 different field types, add visuals to these questions, design a conclusion form for your survey, and customize the reports you will get as a result of the survey with Talentate Survey Module.
Online Video Interview
Highly Smart, User-Friendly Video Interview Tool Talentate Online Video Interview is a job interview tool that uses video technology as a communication tool which is designed for modern recruitment demands. It replaces the standard laborious phone screening phase and allows candidates to be interviewed around the clock remotely. Talentate Online Video Interview allows you to gain a well-rounded view of each candidate. Recruiters can gain insight into candidates’ personality characteristics and competencies.
Technical Knowledge Tests
Wide Range of Technical Knowledge Tests Talentate Technical Knowledge Tests provide convenience to recruiters through a set of tools to determine candidates' technological competencies and levels in recruitment stage. Technical Knowledge Tests include many technical assessment modules such as Excel, Basic IT, and Typing test, suitable for white-collar recruitment and mostly for positions such as informatics and software.
Coding Tests
Wide Range of Coding Tests Talentate Coding Tests are used to measure candidates' mastery of the relevant programming language and allow both candidates and recruiters to complete the assessment process remotely via the digital platform. In this context, the Talentate assessment library contains a total of 6 different coding tests: C#, SQL, Java, Oracle, Network, HTML&CSS.
Online Role Play
Competency-Based Assessment With Talentate Online Role Play, give your candidates a scenario they may encounter in their business life, and assess their competencies while your candidates perform what is expected of them. You can carry out your processes by using the innovations that the digital age has brought to the HR sector, you can get detailed information about the competencies of your candidates and conduct your processes objectively. Talentate Online Role Play increases your brand value with the help of its distinctive specialties.
Online Case Study
Measure Analytical Thinking and Expressive Abilities With Talentate Online Case Study, evaluate your candidates' competencies while they are presenting their analysis. Talentate Online Case Study helps to conduct your competency-based assessment processes, and assess the presentation skills of your candidates by taking advantage of digital systems. Talentate Online Case Study saves you time and money while allowing your candidates to undergo a more practical and objective assessment process.
Online Presentation
Assess Presentation Skills With Talentate Online Presentation, you have the opportunity to evaluate your candidates' presentation skills while assessing their know-how online. The Talentate Online Presentation tool allows you to assign a presentation topic to your candidates over a digital platform and to prepare this topic and make presentations on the same platform. Talentate Online Presentation speeds up your processes and also makes your processes easy to report.
Online Project
Assess Projects of Your Candidates Online With Talentate Online Project, assess your candidates’ technical abilities and capabilities by asking them for comprehensive projects. The Talentate Online Project tool allows you to assign project topics via the online platform, to create quality projects by defining long durations to your candidates, and to complete the whole process by executing online.

Very professional and responsive. I used the Aptitude and Quick Aptitude tests to test the qualification of the candidates. What I liked most is that the tests can be customized based on the need from moderate to hard also you control the time limit of the test. My feedback overall is very positive about their services.

Nada Ahmed | GESAMT Risk Assessment

We have been using the Talentate assessments since 2022 and are very happy with the results. The aptitude test and gamification tests are a big success with our internship programs. The system greatly streamlined our recruitment efforts, making if efficient for our HR department and new hires. The support team is exceptional, always willing to help me with any questions I have. I appreciate their ongoing support!

Descon Descon

Talentate has been an asset to our recruitment efforts, enabling us to expand our search for talent beyond the USA and provides candidates flexibility to complete assessments at their convenience. The system is user-friendly and provides insightful reporting on candidate scoring and overall outlook. Customer speacialists are highly responsive and results-focused, always providing consultation when I need it. Talentate is an excellent choice for any organization looking to digitize its HR.

VRPark VRPark

Talentate is a truly global talent assessment provider, enabling better and more data-driven hiring decisions. Citing client examples from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, Talentate's platform is providing access to the predictive power of hiring assessments to candidates and employers around the world.

Ben Eubanks Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory
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