How long does the Talentate system take to install?
Talentate system doesn’t require installation time. The system is submitted and ready to use instantly after purchase.
Who is responsible for the data collected and stored in the system?
All the data collected from candidates belongs to the company. Thus, the data controller is the company; Talentate is in the role of data processor. Also, companies cannot access each other's data. However, candidates can share their resumes with another Talentate client.
Is Talentate's assessment tools proprietary?
They are all proprietary to Talentate.
Can individuals or SMEs purchase Talentate’s assessment tools?
SMEs can use the system and assessment tools if they meet lower limit requirements. But unfortunately, it cannot be used by candidates on an individual basis.
How does Talentate benefit in terms of time and cost?
Depending on the company's needs and system usage habits, time and cost savings of up to 70% can be achieved.
How do the payment terms work, prepaid or pay-as-you-go?
Talentate Online Assessment Center tools can only be used with prepaid package purchases.
Can Talentate Online Assessment Center tools be purchased individually?
Yes, tools can be purchased as a suite or individually.
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